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Reader Is Leader in Dubai offers a reliable place to learn new skills. Choose from recognized courses and receive practical guidance from experienced professionals to achieve your career goals.


Our Story

Observation is the key to innovation. When you observe a newborn baby the first thing from which he starts learning is by visualizing the people around him. Then later, he listens and learns even he is not able to speak but whenever you call him by his name he will give you reactions, and later after continuous listening to words he starts speaking and pronouncing those words. But after all these learning phases he writes alphabets in the end.

Our doors are open 7 days a week for everyone who wants to learn and innovate with a free parking facility.

We want the Learnovate training center to be an inspirational leader in the field of Languages, IT, Culture, and Professional development- For all those wishing to master their fields in language or Computer communication, our super flexible & Proficient Learnovate-team focuses on people of all ages, background & cultures. We provide 5 different languages more than 7 certifications in IT and Certification in the Digital market and hotel management courses with paid Internships. Best training Center for courses in Dubai. Whether face to face, at our beautiful office in Burdubai, Virtually any part of the world, or on your company premises.